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mini retreat: Your Essential brand Launch Solution

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Are you a forward-thinking business leader? Do you dream of a brand that stands out, but you're currently juggling multiple contractors, each pulling your brand in a different direction? Your marketing efforts feel like a hodgepodge, and you yearn for consistency and professionalism.

Turn Your Brand Stress into Business Success

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Overwhelmed by contractor chaos?
  • Need a rebrand to adapt to changes?
  • No time to organize and launch your business?

Do any of these sound familiar?

Achieve a harmonious and cohesive brand identity effortlessly.

Elevated Brand Consistency

Seamless Professional Rebranding

Simplify your rebranding journey with a seamless professionally guided process.

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Immediate Audience Engagement

Save precious time with an all-in-one branding solution.

Time-Saving All-in-One Solution

Engage your audience instantly and leave a lasting impression.

Preview Your Mini Retreat  Experience & Deliverables

Unleash the power of the Mini Retreat

Phase 01:
market research

First, we immerse ourselves in your business, learning every nook and cranny, and understanding your unique vision. We don't stop there – we take a plunge into your marketplace. We uncover the nuances of your clients and competition, gathering insights that will shape your brand's destiny.

  • Brand Strategy Questionnaire dedicated to learning about you, your business, and your brand goals
  • Dedicated market research into your competitors, their target audience, and yours to create a strategy that positions your brand uniquely and favorably.


Phase 02:

With this trove of knowledge, we craft a brand strategy that's not just unique but tailored to your brand's aspirations. This is your roadmap to success, meticulously planned to ensure your brand is cohesive, professional, and above all, impactful.

  • Brand Strategy Guidelines including your brands values, brand personality, brand voice and tone, and data-backed target audience profiles to use for future marketing campaigns.


Phase 03:

We translate this strategy into a brand identity that reflects who you are and where you want to go. This is where we design your brand's logos and other digital and physical assets that will make your business uniquely identifiable.

  • Primary and secondary logo;
  • branded graphics; 
  • brand photography suggestions;
  • curated fonts pairings;
  • Instagram and social media curation; 
  • and possible physical brand collateral.


Once your brand identity is presented to you, we begin Phase 04: Website Build. Your website is the digital face of your brand, and we design and build it to match your elevated brand feel. During this time, our copywriting team works with our web design team to create compelling content that resonates with your audience.

  • A custom Framer-hosted website design and development covering a home page, an about page, a product page template (including shipping policy) or a service page template, a blog with single post page template, a contact page, terms of use page, and privacy policy page; and
  • Website optimization including metadata, social sharing images, one contact form, on brand favicon, and a cookie consent pop-up.


We don't stop until you're ready to launch your brand with confidence, making an instant impact that echoes your brand's core. That's the magic of the Mini Retreat, all designed to make your brand shine like a gem.

Phase 05:

  • Brand press release to publications like Business Insider and Associated Press; and
  • Education and guidance regarding the implementation of your Brand Guidelines and Brand Awareness marketing.
  • Education and guidance on your website management, including blogging and service/product page updates


Imagine confidently launching your brand with an instant impact. Your brand is no longer a puzzle; it's a masterpiece that reflects your unique essence.


Savings of $750

Pay In Full



Deposit of $3749; Monthly Payments of $3749

4 Payments


  • Brand Guidelines with logo suite, color palette, font curation, and brand strategy;
  • Custom brand graphics and patterns;
  • IG curation guide;
  • Stickers;
  • Team T-shirt Designs;
  • Favicons and Social Banners;
  • Custom Website
  • Website Copywriting

What we accomplished:

Case Study:


  • Tailored Brand Strategy crafted through research into your marketplace and target audience;
  • Professional Brand Identity Design including logos, submarks, patterns and icons, pre-approved asset designs, Imagery suggestions, and more;
  • Mini Brand Guidelines to direct your team to the same audience and vision for your business;
  • Captivating Website Design to presents your brand above and beyond your competition; 
  • Engaging Website Copywriting to speak directly to your audience;
  • A complimentary Press Release on your brand launch that reaches millions of viewers; and 
  • Brand Awareness Marketing education via email along you Brand Launch journey.

Yes, but minimally. After reviewing the brand strategy, our branding team may offer a few options for your brand direction. However, our designs are backed by research. While we want you to love your business' brand identity, we are most focused on attracting your ideal clients.




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