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As your industry becomes ever more saturated,  premium branding is crucial to the success of your company, no matter how great your product or service may be. You know this. That's why you are here, right? 

You want to invest in the efficiency, reliability, and longevity of your brand. 

Are you struggling to charge your worth?

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Are you losing sales and lacking loyal customers?

Are you ready to monetize your influence?

The Beach Lifestyle Branding agency

The Hospitality & Beach Lifestyle Branding agency

We eat, sleep, and breathe hospitality brands. Whether you are a restaurant and boutique hotel, salon and spa, travel agency, diving or sailing influencer, or a sunny professional service brands, Branding Bungalow understands the unique challenges you face in your industry.

Through in-depth market research, we craft branding blueprints and identities that are fresh, clean, and timeless. View some of our favorite projects in our Porfolio.

Hawaii Branding Agency

We are a Hawaii branding agency located on the windward side of O'ahu. We are focused on brand strategy and brand identities for hawaii restaurants, hawaii hotels, hawaii medspa, hawaii yoga studios, and more. We love our Hawaii businesses and do what we can to take care of the aina and people of Hawaii. 

Hospitality Branding

We help restaurant owners and chefs launch truly remarkable dining experiences. With over ten years of experience with the hospitality industry, we have a unique knowledge of  branding and rebranding restaurants. We work with businesses to provide logo design, and restaurant naming, to market research, full dining experience curation, and brand identity.

Influencer Branding

Florida Branding Agency

Headquartered in Florida, we are the Florida beach lifestyle branding agency. We work with other Florida marketing agencies to  create the most effective brand awareness campaign. We are a Florida branding agency that develops brands from market research, brand strategy, brand identity, web design, and brand awareness campaigns. 

Ocean Product Branding

As dedicated beachgoers and divers, we love beach products, ocean products, and especially products that are conscious of the health of our oceans. We work tightly with beach and ocean product brands to truly understand their audience through market research, then build brand strategies and identities that build trust with your target audience. Building trust creates loyal customers. 

Brand Awareness Campaigns

We specialize in Hospitality & Beach Lifestyle Brands

Our Brand Development Process

It is imperative to comprehend the characteristics, demographics, and behaviors of your target audience before constructing any sort of branding that successfully connects with them. These are the people identified as potential customers who should receive your communication or content. Doing so will enable you to generate effective marketing tactics and messages that they can relate to, which in turn results in customer loyalty.

 Market Research

Strong brand strategy is essential for any successful business. It works as a guiding light, helping your company stand out in the busy marketplace while leaving an unforgettable impact on customers. To ensure this happens, branding needs to be handled properly through elements such as: company name and logo visuals, mission statement, tone of voice, etc. These will help communicate the brand promise effectively thus building trust between you and your target audience.

Brand Strategy

Brand visual elements such as logos, colour schemes and typefaces form the basis of a recognizable image for customers. It is important to have an identifiable brand identity in order to effectively communicate your message to them, so developing a consistent brand identity (& guide) can ensure that all visuals associated with it remain consistent. 

Brand Identity

A well-designed and developed website is essential for showcasing your brand and converting visitors into customers. Your website serves as a digital storefront, introducing your brand to your intended audience and providing them with valuable information about your products or services.

To create an effective website, it’s important to prioritize aesthetics, user experience, and search engine optimization. 

Web Design

A good brand experience is more than a memorable logo or slogan. It encompasses each and every encounter with your brand. With these high quality interactions across all aspects of engagement, customers form loyalty to your business that leads to long-term success for you.

Creating a Memorable Experience Branding

A good brand experience is more than a memorable logo or slogan. It encompasses each and every encounter with your brand. With these high quality interactions across all aspects of engagement, customers form loyalty to your business that leads to long-term success for you.

Monitoring Brand Performance


How can you increase repeat guests? How can you increase prices? Our market research and branding team come together to audit your existing brand, evaluate your competition, and forge a unique corner in your market.  

Most of our hospitality branding clients invest in The Retreat.

Service-Based Business Branding

Restaurant & Hotel Branding

Influencer to Business Owner Branding

Influencer branding has become a pivotal strategy in marketing today. In some cases, influencer's decide to break away from making other's money and decide to launch their own brand. We help influencers create authentic brand identities. 

Most of our influencer branding clients invest in Brand-in-a-Day or the Mini Retreat.

You're an expert in your industry, but wearing multiple hats as a business owner is likely preventing you from scaling your business. Begin making strategic moves towards longterm growth with market research, brand strategy, and a professional brand identity. 

If you're ready to build your brand traction immediately, dive into the Mini Retreat.

Otherwise, we offer The Retreat for larger businesses wanting a custom longterm growth plan.

Branding Bungalow deserves 50% of the credit for my business success! No words for ALL that they did to launch Keys Concierge RN! So far beyond ALL I'd imagined!

- Connie Blanton, Keys Concierge RN

"Branding Bungalow will absolutely surpass your wildest expectations!"

I would highly recommend them for any branding work!

- Tree May, Healing with Tree

"Working with Branding Bungalow was an absolute dream"

We got our first paid-in-full charter 20 days after launch. We're excited and we could not have done it without your awesome work.

- James Canterbury, Sea Bandit Charters

"We could not have done it without Branding Bungalow's awesome work"

I am so glad that I went with Branding Bungalow for my branding. It would not have been the same without her. She dives deep and no small detail goes unfinished.
Seriously the best!"

Brittany Jones, Coconut Smuggler

"Unmatched service. Jordyn goes above and beyond with everything she does. "

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From brand board templates to brand guidelines, freebies, and affiliate products we swear by.

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We support Active-Duty, Veteran, and Milspouse-owned businesses. 

We thank you for your service and dedication to our country. Contact us to learn more about discounted rates. 

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