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Branding Bungalow is a brand development and marketing services company based out of Oahu, Hawaii. We are known for our hospitality branding, tropical branding, and beach lifestyle branding, hawaii logo designs, and more.  We have also been recognized as one of the top Hawaii web designers, providing high-quality UI/UX Hawaii has seen. 

Branding Bungalow specializes in Hawaii hospitality branding and experience design for Hawaii restaurants, hotels, salon and spas, travel, and tourism businesses. We understand the unique challenges of the hospitality industry and cater our Retreat service for your business' needs. 

Branding Bungalow is the branding agency that offers tools Hawaii hospitality businesses need to compete in local and global markets. 

Hawaii web design company

Branding Bungalow is creates beautiful web design Hawaii businesses need to compete not just locally but at a greater national and global scale. We are an Oahu web design company that uses Wix, Shopify, Framer and Wordpress to launch their websites. If you are wanting to create an instant impact and long lasting memorable website, Branding Bungalow is the web development company for your business. 

Branding Bungalow is a web designing studio tucked away on the Ko'olau valley of Oahu offering full-service web design solutions. 

What We Do

Brand Personality Development
Brand Guidelines
Competition Analysis
Guest Experience Journey

Logo & Wordmark Design
Colors Palette System
Typography System
Brand Patterns
Visual Identity Hierarchy
Illustration & Iconography
Brand Standards

Website Design
Digital Marketing
Menu Design
Print & Package Design
Photography & Video Direction
Merchandise & Apparel
Branded OS&E
Sales & Marketing Material

Brand Strategy

A brand development strategy serves as a guide for businesses in creating an unmistakable identity, setting them apart from competitors and resonating with your target audience. It consists of several elements like your brand's mission, vision, values, voice, storytelling style, and brand archetype to be conveyed - all working together towards achieving the same goal: successful branding.

Building up a comprehensive approach to your brand- whether you are a Hawaii brand, Florida brand, or another hospitality brand- is very important when you want the most out of it. The goal is for customer loyalty to grow and knowledge about your business or product. 

Brand Design

In order to develop an effective brand design, there are three essential elements which need to be taken into consideration: logo design, color palette selection and typography choices. Your logo is the visual representation of your company- it often serves as customers’ first impression. The right choice in colors can give a significant boost towards forming your desired brand identity while picking out appropriate typeface for conveying emotions associated with that particular personality values you wish to project onto consumers makes up another integral part of building the perfect image for people’s recognition. If you get these components just right, not only will potential users respond well when encountering your product, but also differentiate them from others within their scope on the market effectively. 

Brand Activation

Creating materials that showcase your brand’s unique persona, logos, typography and colors is essential to gaining customer loyalty. By being strategic about using design assets across all marketing channels in a consistent manner it will strengthen the visual identity of the company and its reputation. This consistency allows for increased recognition, which generates trust from customers, leading to furthering customer loyalty. Proper use of these elements helps create materials that are aligned with the values and personality behind the business. This leads to an even better perception among audiences, reinforcing their connection with your brand.

Our Work

The Temptress 

Branding Bungalow deserves 50% of the credit for my business success! No words for ALL that they did to launch Keys Concierge RN! So far beyond ALL I'd imagined!

- Connie Blanton, Keys Concierge RN

"Branding Bungalow will absolutely surpass your wildest expectations!"

I would highly recommend them for any branding work!

- Tree May, Healing with Tree

"Working with Branding Bungalow was an absolute dream"

We got our first paid-in-full charter 20 days after launch. We're excited and we could not have done it without your awesome work.

- James Canterbury, Sea Bandit Charters

"We could not have done it without Branding Bungalow's awesome work"

I am so glad that I went with Branding Bungalow for my branding. It would not have been the same without her. She dives deep and no small detail goes unfinished.
Seriously the best!"

Brittany Jones, Coconut Smuggler

"Unmatched service. Jordyn goes above and beyond with everything she does. "

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